The OpenFlexure project was started by Richard Bowman. It is now developed and maintained by BOING — the Bath Open INstrumentation Group. BOING is led by Richard, with current members:

Richard Bowman demonstrating the OpenFlexure Microsope to IHI.

Former members:

The OpenFlexure project development has been a collaborative effort our partners Bongo Tech & Research Labs, Ifakara Health Institute, the University of Cambridge, and WaterScope. With particular thanks to:

The Bongo Tech workshop.

Bongo Tech logo

  • Valerian Sanga
  • Paul Nyakyi
  • Grace Anyelwisye
  • Stanley Mwalembe

IHI Logo

  • Catherine Mkindi
  • Valeriana Mayagaya
  • Joram Mduda

Collaborating with IHI.

University of Cambridge

Demonstrating the OpenFlexure Microscope at GOSH 2018.

WaterScope Logo

  • Alex Patto
  • Nalin Patel
  • Tianheng Zhao
  • Sammy Mahdi

Although we've never all met in person, here's the team 'together'!