The OpenFlexure project uses 3D printers and off the shelf components to build open-source, lab-grade microscopes for a fraction of traditional prices. Used in over 50 countries and every continent, the project aims to enable Microscopy for Everyone.

Once based primarily at the University of Bath and University of Cambridge, the project has spread. From the Antarctic ice to pathology labs in Rwanda, OpenFlexure Microscopes are transforming the role of microscopy in healthcare, education and in the field. Conversations, suggestions and issues are all hosted on our forum.

As an academic project, the core development team is now based at the University of Glasgow. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from our funders, as well as our collaborations with groups including the Baylor College of Medicine, Bongo Tech & Research Labs, and Mboalab.

We always love hearing from people with suggestions, questions or ideas for collaboration. The easiest place is on our forum, or you can email us for anything you’re not ready to share .

Some of our highlighted projects

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Joram at IHI using the OpenFlexure Microscope to image blood smears. Daniel Rosen using our microscope for pathology education An AfricaOSH workshop building OFMs