An AfricaOSH workshop building OFMs

An open project is only as strong as its community, and the OpenFlexure community is being constantly expanded by some incredible workshops.

Core to the OpenFlexure ethos is being able to build, use and maintain your own microscope — no reliance on warranties or single suppliers of finished parts. Although we put a lot of work into our documentation, there’s no replacement for building your first OpenFlexure Microscope with an expert. Events including AfricaOSH and BIO-IMAGING WEST AFRICA 2022 have supplied the parts and know-how to allow microscopists to build and use an OpenFlexure Microscope.

In addition to increasing the accessibility of microscopes in the area, these courses also teach key skills including image analysis, and collaboration.

The OpenFlexure core team would like to extend their thanks to the organisers of these workshops, including AfricaOSH and the West African Microscopy and Bio-Imaging Analysis Network (WAMBIAN).

Inspired to run your own workshop? Hoping to attend one in the future? Have one to tell us about? Get in touch with us on our forum

Or to read about the workshops run so far, check out Pez and Elena’s discussion of their experiences, lessons learned, and future goals.

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