Publications and conferences

The work of the OpenFlexure project has been published in scientific journals and presented at conferences. If you use our work, please consider citing us!

Title Year Journal / Conference
Multi-modal microscopy imaging with the OpenFlexure Delta Stage
2022 Optics Express
Simplifying the OpenFlexure microscope software with the web of things 2021 Royal Society Open Science
Fast, high precision autofocus on a motorised microscope: automating blood sample imaging on the OpenFlexure Microscope 2021 Journal of Microscopy
HardOps: Utilising the software development toolchain for hardware design 2021 TechRxiv
An Open‐Source Modular Framework for Automated Pipetting and Imaging Applications 2021 Advanced Biology
Transitioning from Academic Innovation to Viable Humanitarian Technology: The Next Steps for the OpenFlexure Project 2021 IST-Africa conference
Low-cost, multimodal bioimaging with the OpenFlexure Delta Stage Microscope 2020 RMS Frontiers in Bioimaging
The OpenFlexure Project. The technical challenges of Co-Developing a microscope in the UK and Tanzania
2020 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
Robotic microscopy for everyone: the OpenFlexure microscope
bioRxiv preprint
2020 Biomedical Optics Express
The OpenFlexure Block Stage: sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage 2020 Optics Express
Flat-Field and Colour Correction for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2020 Journal of Open Hardware
A one-piece 3D printed flexure translation stage for open-source microscopy 2016 Review of Scientific Instruments

Citing publications

The OpenFlexure project is now used and cited by a growing number of academic publications. If you have used the designs in your work, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list below.


Some of the articles that the OpenFlexure project have featured in. If you want to write about the OpenFlexure project then please let us know!

Title Date Source
Microscopy made to order November 2021 Nature methods
Distributed Manufacturing of Open Hardware: A Report of the Open Hardware Distribution & Documentation Working Group November 2021 Engleberg center on Innovation Law & Policy
High-spec open-source microscopy for all November 2021 Physics World
The impact of Open Source Software and Hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the EU economy May 2021 European Commission
OpenFlexure: an open-source 3D printed microscope October 2021 FocalPlane
Making hardware ‘open source’ can help us fight future pandemics - here’s how we get there 2021 The Conversation
How DIY technologies are democratising science November 2020 Nature technology deature
Building Blocks for Better Science: Case Studies in Low-Cost and Open Tools for Science November 2020 Wilson Center
OpenFlexure Microscope August 2020 MagPi
Focusing on a brighter future: How an ultra-low-cost 3D printed microscope could revolutionise healthcare in LMICs June 2020 British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Print your own laboratory-grade microscope for US$18 May 2020 Science Daily
Print your own laboratory-grade microscope for US$18 May 2020
Print your own laboratory-grade microscope for £15 April 2020 University of Bath
Robotic microscopy for everyone: the OpenFlexure Microscope March 2020 preLights
Precision for $100: The OpenFlexure Microscope August 2019 Lab on the Cheap
OpenFlexure Block Stage: 3D printed sub-micron mechanical precision June 2019 Lab on the Cheap
“Sustainable Development Technology and Beyond” – VigyanShaala @ UPES, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India March 2019 Medium
Five innovative ways to use 3D printing in the laboratory January 2019 Nature toolbox
Could 3D printed microscopes improve water testing? December 2018 The Guardian
Open-science hardware in the developing world August 2018 Physics world
6 cool open-source projects built in Bristol and Bath February 2018 TechSPARK
The quest for open science November 2017 TechRadar
The OpenFlexure Microscope goes to MozFest 2017 October 2017 Medium
3D printed microscopes to boost science in developing countries August 2017 University of Bath
The OpenFlexure Microscope: A Lifesaving Water-Testing Device You Can 3D Print at Home February 2017 3DPRINT.COM
Open source, 3D printed microscope runs on Raspberry Pi January 2017
This open source, 3D printed microscope runs on Raspberry Pi January 2017 Adafruit blog
This 3D-Printed Microscope Is Bringing Water Testing to the Developing World January 2017
Female Scientists Journey to Antarctica and into Leadership March 2016