The recommended way to get you delta stage up and running is to use our modified Raspbian-OpenFlexure onto a Raspberry Pi.

Install Raspbian-OpenFlexure

Download the latest pre-built SD card image with OpenFlexure Microscope Server, desktop and OpenFlexure Connect

Download Raspbian-OpenFlexure

Download the latest minimal pre-built SD card image with OpenFlexure Microscope Server

Download Raspbian-OpenFlexure Lite

A guide explaining how to install a Raspberry Pi operating system image on an SD card can be found on the Raspberry Pi website here. You will need another computer with an SD card reader to install the image.

The default username is pi, with a default password openflexure.

First boot

Connect your Pi to a display, mouse, keyboard, and power. When the Pi first boots, you will be asked to complete a quick setup, before rebooting.

After rebooting, the OpenFlexure Microscope Server should run automatically. This server application handles all communication to the microscope.

Managing the microscope server

Our installer now includes various commands to simplify common tasks when using the OpenFlexure Microscope. From the terminal on your Raspberry Pi, you should have available the following commands:

ofm start - Start the server background service

ofm stop - Stop the server background service

ofm restart - Restart the server background service

ofm status - Show the status of the server background service

ofm upgrade - Pull and install the latest version of the server. -d option to upgrade to development branch, and include dev dependencies.

ofm update - Pull and install the latest version of the ofm command-line interface itself.

ofm log - Show the most recent chunk of server log

ofm activate - Activate the OFM virtual environment

ofm serve - Start the OFM server with Gunicorn. This will not work is the server is already running as a service.

Developing plugins

Developer documentation for the microscope server software can be found on Read the Docs. This includes documentation and tutorials on developing plugins for the microscope software.

Please see our contribution guidelines for more information on contributing back to the project.

Next steps

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