OpenFlexure Connect

We recommend using the OpenFlexure Connect client software for controlling the microscope, both on the microscope itself, and on other devices. OpenFlexure Connect is available for Windows, Linux, and as a web app.

There is no need to download OpenFlexure Connect onto your Raspberry Pi. It’s already included with Raspbian-OpenFlexure.

Download OpenFlexure Connect

Full source code is available at openflexure-connect on GitLab.

Web Browser

Alternatively, you can access the OpenFlexure graphical interface from any web browser connected to the same network as your microscope.

You’ll need to know either your microscope’s IP address, or it’s hostname (by default microscope.local).

The interface runs on port 5000, and so can be accessed from either http://microscope.local:5000 or http://{your microscope's IP address}:5000 (inserting your IP address, for example

Python Library

If you want to write your own scripts to perform particular experiments or protocols, it’s useful not to have to package them up as extensions. Our Python library makes it easy to control your microscope from a simple Python script that can run either on the Raspberry Pi, or over the network.

This can be particularly useful running from a Jupyter notebook on a laptop, allowing you to plot graphs and display images as you go.

The library can be installed with pip install openflexure-microscope-client.

Documentation can be found on the GitLab project.

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