Currently, work has focused on the Microscope 5. We will soon be releasing the Microscope Delta, a complimentary design better suited to certain imagine modes. More information on the Microscope Delta will be available soon.

Assembling a Microscope

To build a microscope, download the STL files from the options below, and follow the assembly instructions.

Don’t just print everything from the STL folder, as there are a number of different configurations possible. The assembly instructions contain instructions on what parts to print and how to build it.

Microscope Delta

No links or instructions yet

Installing the microscope software

Install Raspbian-OpenFlexure

Download the latest pre-built SD card image with the OpenFlexure software installed.

Download Raspbian-OpenFlexure Latest

A guide explaining how to install a Raspberry Pi operating system image on an SD card can be found on the Raspberry Pi website here. You will need another computer with an SD card reader to install the image.

The default username is pi, with a default password openflexure.

Next steps

Install Control Software