Today we are releasing version 1.1.0 of our OpenFlexure Microscope software stack.

Prior to today, the OpenFlexure eV client, and OpenFlexure Microscope Server ran on entirely separate release schedules, however as the microscope API evolves, synchronising major and minor releases makes it simpler to ensure all API functionality is in proper use.

From now on, each significant server release will be accompanied by a corresponding OpenFlexure eV release. The auto-installer script will also be updated to reflect these synchronised release.

So, from now on, eV-Installer-Server (eVIS) will all be properly synchronised in all major and minor versions. Patch versions (i.e. 1.1.X) will not be synchronised, as we will be pushing out bug and security fixes separately for each project.

Installing the new software

As always, the reccommended method of installation is to run our auto-installer script on a clean Raspbian installation. Although this is technically only a minor release, enough has changed that we strongly reccommend a clean installation.

A step-by-step guide can be found on the OpenFlexure Microscope project page.

What’s new

Full-stack plugins

In eVIS 1.1.0 we’ve introduced an entirely new plugin layer. Now, server plugins can include a JSON description of a web form, which eV will render in a new plugin tab. This means that, finally, you can interact with your server plugins without leaving OpenFlexure eV.

Plugin architecture

Developer documentation on the new plugin system can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Overhauled device configuration

We’ve also overhauled the server’s runtime-configuration system. As part of this, new mock-devices have been introduced to better handle disconnected hardware. For example, if your stage controller or camera are disconnected, rather than crashing out silently, the server will attempt to run with dummy hardware instead.

New CLI for managing the server

Our installer script now adds some extra commands to simplify common tasks when using the OpenFlexure Microscope.

These new commands are detailed on the OpenFlexure Microscope project page

And a load of smaller changes

Full changelogs can be found on our GitLab pages:

OpenFlexure eV 1.1.0 changelog

OpenFlexure Microscope Server 1.1.0 changelog