OpenFlexure Connect is an electron-based client for the OpenFlexure Microscope. It allows for discovery of microscopes on the network and launches the Web App for control of the microscope and basic capture management.

Download OpenFlexure Connect

There is no need to download OpenFlexure Connect onto your Raspberry Pi. It’s already included with Raspbian-OpenFlexure.


Get it from the Chocolatey package manager


Get it from the Snap Store

Mac OS

Currently, OpenFlexure Connect for Mac OS must be built from source. Instructions can be found in the Readme file on GitLab.

Use a Web Browser

Alternatively, you can access the OpenFlexure graphical interface from any web browser on a computer connected to the same network as your microscope.

You’ll need to know either your microscope’s IP address, or it’s hostname (by default microscope.local).

The interface runs on port 5000, and so can be accessed from either http://microscope.local:5000 or http://{your microscope's IP address}:5000 (inserting your IP address, for example

Guide to the interface

Using the interface


Source code for OpenFlexure Connect is available on GitLab.

Legacy versions

Legacy versions of OpenFlexure Connect (previously known as OpenFlexure eV) can be found on the build server.

OpenFlexure Connect is licensed under the GNU General Public License (v3). Installed our software? See our privacy policy.